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Unified e- MAR is a web based software solution with multiple functionality that will aid in our collective number one goal: excellent patient care.

Unified e- MAR enables doctors and caregivers/nurses with more accurate information to track and manage better patient care.

Electronic Health Records

Electronic Medication Administration

Clinical Documentation

Insurance Billing + Back Office Management

24/7/365 Support Team

Cloud Hosting


Why LTC/Home care agencies prefer Unified Health Net?

  • Unified Health Net is the heart & soul of many Home Care agencies. You can show the doctors, case managers, and referral sources that you are capable of giving them quality service, as well as right information in one click .
  • Today the amount invested for the paper forms are enormous and there are no more space in the stacks. Every Home Care Agency owner says "We wanted to go paperless, we wanted real time care, and we wanted a software that would position us for growth". Unified Health Net delivered all that and more.
  • Unified Health Net gives you the peace of mind that you can log in at any point in time and go into the clinical/financial information and know exactly how you are doing.
  • Before, the DON's used to chase clinicians and nurses around for their paperwork. Now, you can easily keep track of all the patient information, and clinicians/nurses submit their notes twice as fast.
  • The biggest return on investment that Unified Health Net has given the agencies is the ability to run more efficient, productive processes that ultimately result in a happy staff and timely billing.

How Unifeid e-MAR Benefits you?

  • 99% server up. Zero server downtime.
  • Any concerns raised addressed within 24 hours.
  • 24X7X365 support and services.
  • Zero IT team involvement. You save IT team cost.
  • Zero Server procurement and maintenance expenses.
  • Paper less means no printed forms. You save printing and paper expenses.