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Electronic Medical Administration Record (e-MAR/i-MAR) for Hospitals

It is easy to use, secure and real time! Our software is designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals.

  • Real Time Care
  • Patient Health Records
  • Nurses Schedules
  • Medication Administration
  • Care Plans and Documentation
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Why Unified Health Net?

While significant investments are made on infrastructure and latest healthcare equipments, reducing errors in patient care and patient safety continues to be a major challenges for the hospitals in developed and developing countries. Unified Health Net is designed to provide real-time access to nurses for administering medications. Nurses can use the application on a laptop/tablet device that also provides hardware integration features such as barcode scanning and QR Code scanning. The system can be used both online as well as offline with a base internet connectivity for synchronization on cloud either through a WiFi connectivity or a LAN connectivity.

Benefits of using Unified Health Net

Reduces medication errors through use of bar code identifiers on the patient armband and medication labels.

Makes patient care information readily available to nursing staff during medication administration like critical values and comprehensive allergy and drug interaction information

Administration pre-condition like vitals, pain level etc. auto popups.

Provides physicians with a comprehensive list of patient medication use.

Hospitals using a perfect eMAR system have documented a 33% reduction in medication administration errors, as well as a reduction of 45% in documentation time.

Whenever a medication is given to a patient in the hospital, it is documented on an e-MAR (Medication Administration Record) that is stored in patient medical record database. This is 100% electronic and can be printed for verification and various processes.

How It works?

Each patient receives an armband with a bar code. The bar code corresponds to the patient's current medical record, including medical condition, allergies etc.. Bar code identifiers also appear on shrink-wrapped doses of medication.

Before a medication is administered, bar codes on the patient armband and the medication are scanned allowing the nurse or therapist to verify the right patient is receiving the right drug in the right dose at the right time.

The solution checks each medication against the patient's active prescriptions. If conflicts or potential drug interactions are identified, warnings alert the nurse to double check, verify and/or call the doctor before administering the medication. Most of the time DDI is checked while writing a new prescription.


Unified Health Net gives every care-giver - on every shift - immediate access to any change in a Patient's condition or care plan without shuffling papers or losing files. Simply log into the application interface and instantly view charts, notes and medications. Real-time eMAR ensures complete tracking of medications from the physician's orders, to the pharmacy all the way to the Patient. Unified Health Net even allows you to communicate and report on multiple communities from one location. Streamline communication between your staff, administrators and the pharmacy with Unified Health Net and elevate your quality of care.