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Unified Health Net is an End-to-End Solution for Home Care

It is easy to use, secure and real time! Our software is designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals.

  • Real Time Care
  • Patient Health Records
  • Nurses Schedules
  • Medication Administration
  • Care Plans and Documentation
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We've made home care management easy for you!

A good home care software will have positive impact on patient care as well as administration. So why wait? Run & Grow Your home care with Unified Health Net Home Care Software!Choose the features you are looking for from our list.

Patient Health Records

Patient Demographic Info

General Information, Preferences, Resident Documents, Contacts, Vaccination, Medical Condition, Allergies, Quick Alerts etc..

Patient Medication Info

PRN / Scheduled, Medication, Treatment, Ancillary, Order Status: Received Orders,Awaiting Delivery Orders,Partially Received Orders, Active Rx, Inactive Rxs, Rx On Hold, Discontinued Rxs, Cut Date Finished Rxs, Simple, Complex schedules, Unit Dosage (Single Dosage), Fill, Refill Orders, Replacement Orders, etc..

Clinical Documentation

Nursing Care Plans

Configurable Nursing Care Plans and Forms for electronic documentation. Role based notes and reports.


Real time Vital entry with pain check (Adult/Paed). Tabular and Graphical report generation.


Nurses Scheduling

Quick and easy shift scheduling based on staff-indicated availability.

Shift Management

Real-time Shift capture with location tracing.

Medication Administration

Medpass and IMAR Report

Color coded shift basis, Administer medication, Administer Online/ Offline, Suspend medication, Administration History, Barcode Scan/manual button press initiation/prep med, Medpass Comments, Medpass Report options: Successful, Spit Out, Dropped, Refused, Other, Cancel etc, Single unit replacement order option, Drug images on medpass screen, Administer scheduled/ PRN medication, treatments, ancilliary, vitals/ pain check, follow ups etc

Color coded report on administration reported as successful, Refused/not successful, initiated but no reported, missed Medication,late Administration etc. with initials

Physician Portal


Create e-Rx with schedules and customizable sig. Monitor patient progress and enter progress notes online.

Pharmacy Sync

Sync new orders, changes, discontinues and refills in real time with your pharmacy.

Billing and Reports

Insurance Integration

Generation of Preauthorization forms, automated bill generation, manual/automated claim submission, Bank reports and AR aging reports.


Customer and Vendor Management, Employee Payroll, Expense Management, P&L Statements with finance dashboard.

Unified Health Net gives every care-giver - on every shift - immediate access to any change in a Patient's condition or care plan without shuffling papers or losing files. Simply log into the application interface and instantly view charts, notes and medications. Real-time eMAR ensures complete tracking of medications from the physician's orders, to the pharmacy all the way to the Patient. Unified Health Net even allows you to communicate and report on multiple communities from one location. Streamline communication between your staff, administrators and the pharmacy with Unified Health Net and elevate your quality of care.